Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today is in fact my Birthday....

Turning 25 feels no different from any other day... the thought of 30 is a little scary... I mean I have lived 1/4 of my life if I am blessed enough to live to be hundred. However, if you know me then you know I think 80 is long enough for me. Unless I can have the best plastic surgeons so I look 25. ;) BUT... by the time I am in my 60's... I am scared to think what the new botox will look like...

I realized in the last 25 years I have accomplished a lot... (These are the basics)

- Birth (I mean that's tough... even though my Mom did everything)
- Crawling/Walking (Important...)
- Talking (My life line)
- Drinking/Eating
- Reading/Writing
- Graduating High School
- Getting my Associates
- Buying a house
- Getting Married


<3 Brittani

Friday, September 2, 2011

{101 Things} to do in 1001 Days

Happy Friday!

So, I saw this on Kristen Booth's Blog a little bit ago. I sat around and thought about what she had written and decided to create my own. Kristen is one of my favorite photographers, and I hope all of you take the time to check her out after reading this. She is pretty awesome!

So, like Kristen, I hope to try to do quarterly blog posts on what I have accomplished on my list. Below are 101 things I want to do in 1001 days. I encourage others to copy the idea. It's pretty awesome!

Start date - September 1st, 2011

End date - May 30th, 2014

1.     Go to Europe I AM GOING TO EUROPE THIS SUMMER! 2013!
2.     Make homemade pasta (This makes me nervous)
3.     Be front row at an Eminem concert (My favorite artist ever, but if you're read this then you already know this) I WILL BE SEEING EMINEM IN DUBLIN IN AUGUST 2013!!!
4.     Go to another Gavin Degraw Show (He is fantastic) DONE! (Need to do blog)
5.     Have 5 weddings (1/5) *Karle & Gene's Wedding Sept 22nd 2012*
6.     Go on a hike at Skyline drive (And remember my camera of course!) I went with my husband. I will do a blog post soon on this!
7.     Babysit Morgan for 1 whole weekend to prove to myself I could handle my own kid (Again… Her parents will need to be NEAR by… )
8.     Re-decorate our Master bedroom (Including Furniture)
9.     Go on a girl’s trip again with Alyssa and Ashley (Vegas Redo for sure minus getting sick :)) I am doing a girls weekend trip to DC with Ashley to see NKOTB, 98 Degrees, & Boyz II Men
10.  Go to the Catholic Church near me that was recently built (I have always wanted to take pictures inside… Are there rules to that?)
11.  Go on the APEX tour of Great White Sharks (Hoping to swim with them one day)
12.  Learn one thing from my favorite photographers – Kristen Booth, Emily Porter, and Heather Coburn. (2/3) I still need to work with Emily Porter!
13.  Help plan and design a Wedding… (I always wanted to go into event planning)
14. Make peace with certain people whom I miss in my life.  (They know who they are) I found that person on Facebook! Wahoo! Need to Blog!
15.  Update my blogs weekly… not whenever I have one second to breathe.
16.  Meet some cool photographer’s I have met via Facebook. (I will accomplish this soon.) I met Sheryl and we are going to work together in Sept at a wedding. She also did photos of Ed & I! I need to blog this too!
17.  Meet new friends I have met quite a few people recently who I need to blog about.
18.  Do cool things to my hair more often (I am so lazy when it comes to my hair) I have been better! I took some pictures to prove it! <3
19.  Buy a new Nikon. (This will happen… soon… :)) I got two new camera - however I switched to Canon. I was a good decision for me and I am really proud. I own a Rebel T3I, and a Mark 5D III.
20.  Take pictures at a professional sports game again. ( HAIL TO THE REDSKINS)
21.  Sign my husband up for Tough Mudder…I am excited to announce Ed is doing Tough Mudder in April 2013.
22.  Have a father/daughter day with my Dad (I don’t hang out with him nearly enough)
23.  Go fishing with Uncle Robert (I have the best fishing experiences on that boat)
24.  Watch the entire series of Harry Potter Movie 1- Movie 7 part 2 in one weekend. (I already miss Harry Potter) Done! Blogged
25.  Bake a wedding cake  (Not for a bride… but I want to be crazy and try to make those petals you see on TV… Love those flowers)
26.  See 5 Midnight Showings  (2/5)
27.  Go to NYC with my Husband and go shopping on 5th avenue (They do have a clearance section, right?)  I went to NYC for the Voice auditions! <3
28.  Try to not be so judgmental on every guy my sister gives a chance (This might be the toughest one)
29.  Drink to be drunk 1 night (This might not be classy… but it’s very entertaining) March 17 St. Patricks with the BFFs! Always an amazing time with those guys!
30.  Have a family portrait with my husband, dog, & two cats (I will pray for that photographer now… as it will be impossible)
31.  Go to DC with no expectations or things to do and just wander (I have always wanted to just wander)
32.  On a Friday afternoon, get in my car and just drive somewhere… no expectations, and no concept on where I am going. Let my heart decide (This will end up being a weekend vacation as I will most likely end up in FL)
33.  Volunteer at a Military Function (We all need to support our military more)
34.  I WANT TO DO JURY DUTY! (Anyone have an idea on how to get me in?)
35.  Wants to get involved in a Cancer foundation that somehow involves photography in DC (If you know of one… Let me know) I did this! I can't wait to Blog this! Shirts for a Cure! <3
36.  Take a break from Facebook for 1 week… (Is that even possible?! Side note: My best friend Ashley said “UMM NO! Unless it’s broken” ME- “that still counts, right?”)
37.  Lose 30 pounds.  (I have lost 15 randomly in the last couple of months… but another 30 would be “very nice” Borat Voice)
38.  Rent a movie I have never heard of and watch it all the way through (Ok… This might be the toughest)
39.  Cook a 7-course meal (What are all the courses called again?)
40.  Re-plant flowers in my whole front yard (Dreaming big on this one…)
41.  Have a girl’s day with my Mom (I am sure this will happen even if this isn’t on my list)
42.  Go to DC Restaurant week. (When is it again?)
43.  Go to 15 concerts every year (0/45) I am pretty much done with this. I need to make a list of all the shows I have been too... I know it's over 30...
44.  Go to 1 MMA fight with my Hubby (ONLY 1… Enjoy it) I am going to the UFC Expo in Vegas in July.
45.   Volunteer at an animal shelter (Love animals)
46.  1 prank call (I am only asking for 1!!!... Don’t judge me)
47.  Go in a Hot Air Balloon (I am to scared to do Sky diving, but I will have a list of questions to know how qualified my flying director is… You think I am kidding, fly with me in an airplane sometime.)
48.  Go to a bed & Breakfast (Any suggestions… I have never gone to one)
49.  Learn to like Running (I have NEVER liked running… and need some inspiration… HELP ME PEOPLE)
50.  Do a photo shoot themed Fairy Tale Dreams… (Yea, you like where that is going… I KNOW IT)
51.  Finish my scrapbooking… I am like 15 years behind…
52.  LEARN TO SAY NO! ;)
53.  Finish learning to play Piano (NEVER accept failure)
54.  Read 10 books (10/10) (I hate to read… so this is challenging for me) Done! Blogged
55.  Cook a huge family dinner at the Holidays (I have Thanksgiving this year… WISH ME LUCK) I did this! Blogged
56.  Write a short story (I think I will really enjoy this one)
57.  Coupon more (If that is possible)
58.  Get another dog (Cosmo needs friend and my cats… aren’t the… um… loving type)
59.  Learn to accessorize more (I am really bad about changing out jewelry, purses, etc)
60.  Wear heels 5 days in a row (Swollen feet will happen, but PAIN IS BEAUTY PEOPLE!)
61.  Have a date night twice a month with my Hubby (We will have a tough time with this… while we are always together… we don’t usually have date night much anymore)
62.  Childhood obsession was Beauty and the Beast – I want to do a photo shoot themed that (I will do it for free if anyone is interested in trying to set it up with me) I am excited to announce this is happening in April 2013. I rented a ballroom for it.
63.  Buy a claw foot couch… I don’t know the real name of it!
64.  Visit my great grandmother – She is in her 90’s and I only see her once a year. Unfortunately, I didn't make it down to see my great grandmother before she passed away in December 2012. She is a beautiful person and I am so deeply saddened by her loss.
65.  Help raise money for a children’s foundation (NO clue how to do this)
66.  Watch an entire season of True Blood. (I have never seen the show, but I have heard about the obsession. I am interested) I not only watched one, but 3! I am hooked! Love this show!
67.  Visit my cousin Missy. (She is like my big sister. I miss her!) I am going to see Missy in April 2013!
68.  Take my husband to Ireland (He has an obsession with the Irish) We are going to Dublin in August 2013!!
69.  Call my sister ONCE a week… (This should be easier… but Alyssa and I can go a few weeks without talking and then talk everyday for a few weeks… you just NEVER know with us)
70.  Get a facial (I have never had one) I did this on the cruise! It was super amazing and relaxing. I recommend it!
71.  Win a photo contest (I have never ever really tried.)
72.  I really want to do an underwater photo shoot (How freaking awesome would that be!??!)
73.  Try to Skiing (I am actually really scared of this)
74.   Go on a cruise (I am doing this in December!) I went on a cruise with my family December 2011 for Christmas. I need to blog this.
75.  Go on a romantic getaway with my Hubby.  (Just NOT the land of love…) Ed and I have been on few actually, but the one most memorable was to Ocean City on a whim. I need to blog this as well!
76. Start a savings account for all my unborn kids… (Yes, KID’S is plural… I want 24)
77.  Design a pair of shoes (SHOES!!!)
78.  Take pictures of  ALL my family members (I want to have a portfolio of all the ones I love!)
79.  Beat my Dad, Uncle Dennis, Uncle Harold, and Uncle Ed in Cornhole… (I WILL achieve this one day)
80.  Go to a concert for a band I have never heard of I did this! I went to Radiohead with my best friend. I need to blog this. (It's her Eminem!)
81.  Don’t get out of bed for ONE whole day
82.  Write a song (or maybe just a 1 verse?)
83.  Build a portfolio that even I can’t stop looking at (This could be harder than you think… I am my own worst critic)
84.  Go to Hershey Spa and get a chocolate bath… UM YES!
85.  Drink LESS soda… (This kid lives on Mt. Dew & Pepsi)
86.  Buy a limo for a night to go out to just a plain dinner…. (Exactly)
87.  Hang out with my friends more (I don’t see them enough!)
88.  Be asked to write a blog 5 times for other photographers (0/5)
89.  Watch a Sunrise  ( I never said some of these wouldn’t be corny)
90.  Help a stranger and ask them to pay it forward (Important to help others)
91.  Be a safer drivers (I am from NOVA, what do you expect!)
92.  Street Race (This doesn’t contradict 91)
93.  Learn how to hold a conversation in Spanish (Where my Latino Friends at that can help me!?)
94.  Sit throw the History channel shows a few times for my husband (If I fail at any of these… this is high on the fail ration list)
95.  Send out CHRISTMAS CARDS! (I have never done this… and I’m a photographer) I sent out Christmas cards this year! 2012 was awesome. I am super proud I did it!! <3
96.  Take my Mother-in-law out to dinner just her and I (I am her ONLY daughter :))
97.  Stay up all night play video games (Powning nubs!)
98.  Stop being OCD all the time… (Not possible… but I will try)
99.  Talk my Mom into cooking a Family dinner ONCE a month (No pressure… Roast Beef, Mexican Lasagna , etc… Just a few minor requests)
100.    Become a stronger and more confident photographer I can't say I am there yet, but I started school for Photography so I can learn everything. I can say this will get me there. :)
101.    Get Pregnant :) (This is at the end of year 3… :))

Hope you enjoyed my list. I had fun writing it... and got a good laugh while doing it. Share what yours would be... I am super curious at others list!

<3 Brittani