Monday, June 27, 2011


Morning All!

So, I went to my parents yesterday to pick up some old belongings of mine that I had put off getting. You know- the childhood stuffed animals, the dance trophies...etc... BUT in the box of trophies was glass block holders my Mom had in my room as an infant. While I don't know the actual term for them they weren't glass holders but a block made out of glass that you could put stuff in, and a round one with ABC on it. It's kinda funny looking back on that. There was also a stuffed dog my Dad bought me home one night. I had been to many specialist on stomach issues and was really sick so he brought it home as a pick me up for me when I was young. It was cool having those memories. Makes me think when I am a parent will I be like? Am I going to keep little things like that for them? Probably, as I am a memories person... but it's interesting to relive your childhood. Anyways... back to work! Being an adult isn't NEARLY as fun as being a child. If only I knew then what I know now! :P

<3 Brittani

Saturday, June 25, 2011


So... I am really getting into coupons... Like REALLY into coupons... Like saved 45 dollars today at the store... Now I am not like the show "Extreme Coupon" or whatever it's call, but I have learned the value of double coupon days...etc.

Does anyone out there have special sites they go to? Other than, or I am in need of how to find other places. I also would like to find coupons for clothing stores that I go to regularly. Luckily Old Navy usually has pretty good deals...but additional coupons would be nice. Thoughts?

I also need to find recipes that are simple... Are there good recipes websites? I am serious I need 10 min meals not 30... I am to busy 90 percent of the time...

<3 Brittani

Friday, June 24, 2011

{NEW} First Blog Post! Yay!


So for those of you who know me well know that I am a very opinionate/passionate/OCD/crazy person. Well know fact... But NOW I CAN SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE and not the small group of people who know me everyday. I decided to take this whole blog thing to the next level. It's a little much at first, but as things get busier it will be easier to keep everything separate.

I am completely in love with this page. It represents me very well!

Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Brittani