Wednesday, December 14, 2011



I am exhausted. Hosting your first Thanksgiving at your home with all of your family is exhausting. I had a blast cooking for the first time. I did an injected Turkey, Paula Deen ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, butter beans, asparagus, & rolls. I got two pies baked by a local bakery that turned out great. I'm not much of a baker. Long story short my Thanksgiving was wonderful. I hope everyone had a wonderful one as well.

I finished up eating and doing dessert and then I headed out to black Friday shopping! I wanted the FREE underwater Nikon Smart share sport that Old Navy was offering with a purchase of $40 dollars or more. I also hit up Target for all the great DVD sales. My husband and I saved $300.00 dollars! <3 Here are some pictures below of my table setting. I also have the pictures of my black Friday score! I am an addicted coupon-er so these were so worth it!

           I scored the these right before Thanksgiving at Micheal's. <3
               I wanted my first Thanksgiving to be traditional.
  Thanks to my lovely co-worker Rita, she gave me the place cards and stickers! Such a cute idea!
 I also want to thanks my Aunt Sarah for the lovely flower arrangement.  She had it delivered to me.
                              Finished product. :)
                                        YUM.... Yum.... Nom * Nom * Nom....
      This doesn't look like a lot but it's basically 20 new outfits... for both Ed & I....
      A... None of these sets/movies were over 10 dollars each. Sample True Blood was 7.99 a SET!
   Same here... CRAZZZY!
 Oh, yea these are just the FREE camera's Ed and I got for oh just being at Old Navy on Black Friday!

I want to end this with what I am thankful for... I couldn't live a day without my husband. He not only challenges me but makes me realize what life is living for. I couldn't last a moment without him.

I am also thankful for my pets. I couldn't be me without all that they bring to my life. I love them so much...

I can't say enough about how wonderful my family is... Thanksgiving was amazing because of all of them. I wouldn't be the same without them. 

<3 Britt