Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{Career Day}

Hi Guys,

As some of you know I was asked to speak at a school on their career day. I have to be honest- I was completely shocked. I would have never thought 2 years ago that my business would have grown enough that I would be approach from a school guidance counselor to come in and speak to elementary school kids. It's one of those surreal moments. You think wow... I have a career kids would want to hear about. I guess art is sometimes underestimated. Most people tell their children to go into a "real" profession. In truth, I get it. It's not exactly a field you just walk in and start making 40K a year. However, it's amazing to be at a point in my life where my passion is actually becoming one with what I want. ;0)

I need some help- I need advice as to what to talk about with the kids? Obviously technique is something a 3rd grader won't exactly grasp right away, especially in 30 minutes. So, I ask you (especially people with children this age) what would your child want to know about photography? When they take photos for fun what catches them?

Kristen will be coming with me. So, we will make a blog out of the day we did. Can't wait to share! Also, Kristen and I have fallen behind on the blog with all the shoots that have been going on. Don't worry... we will catch our breathe soon. ;)