Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hey Guys!

So, I thought I would update everyone on somethings that have been going on. I know... I have been slacking.

So, my wonderful husband is running the army 10-miler. He inspires me! He is such a strong man. He has been running everyday, and keeping to a tight schedule to make sure he finishes strong. He did his 5 mile run the Sunday before last in 1 hour!

A thing that has passed was I had my 3 year Anniversary of the day Ed & I met in September. We went out and had a wonderful time together. He is a great husband. He keeps me sane when I am losing my mind. :) Thanks Honey! (So THANKFUL you have come in my life.)

We found out some great news that we are going to NYC in November! We like weekend trips. We also plan to go to Chicago, and our family cruise in December. Can't wait! SO much coming up! We are sad we will miss Cosmo's 1st birthday! (Yes, I wanted to have a 1 year birthday party for my dog... he's that awesome!) So, the end of the year will be insane! ;)

I will try to keep up more often. Life has been pretty crazy for me in 2011. Lots of highs and lows... but life is like that sometimes.  The 1 year Anniversary of Dylan's death was on the 22nd of September... I was really depressed about him being gone. I think Anniversaries are harder... You feel you slowly begin to lose your memories, and miss those times you treasure with them. Dylan was a great kid and dying at 18 is just to soon. I pray no other families in the world have to choose to take a child off of life support. While Dylan saved others lives... It doesn't fill the void you feel. :(

Life is to short... NEVER take your time for granted.

<3 Brittani