Saturday, March 24, 2012

{Growth} New Business - Brittani Gattis Photography, LLC

Hi Everyone!

As most of you know I have recently decided to drastically expand my business. For so long I had a big fear of really growing and expanding my company. I was really afraid of - "Could I be a good business owners?", "Is this the right economy to try and start a business?",  and "Do I really know what I am doing?".  The questions flooded my mind to the point of no return... I really couldn't get where I wanted to go without severely doubting myself.

I finally woke up and realized - I have only expanded and grown since 2010. I put in the hard work and dedication to really reach a maximum goal I had set. Every level I wanted to obtain each year was not only reached, but quickly surpassed. I had to jump in head first and really test myself. So, here I am at the beginning and it's pretty scary. So, I am reaching out to everyone in hopes of in the future helping a new business owner not feel so stressed, scared, and alone.

List of beginner's needs:

Federal tax ID number
State Registration - Registering your business with your State and possibly County (I had too)
Liability Insurance
Accountant/Financial Planner
Lawyers - Cause it makes all the above a lot easier
Business Account  - (This was truly the most difficult thing for me personally.)

I got a lawyer to help me with all my filings first. It's worth the extra money to know it's done right and it's out of your hands. I got my LLC (not all photographers go this route, but I did because we are in a world where being sued is oh to common)! That was step one, then I got my federal tax ID number. I didn't want to get taxed alive again at tax time. It's so much easier to do quarterly payments... which then brings on an ACCOUNTANT...  I was so lucky in finding someone a person recommended to me. He was quick, easy, and painless. So, the outline of the business is now done. I have dotted all my I's. This is really important... don't work the system and ruin it for out vet photographers, who have been doing it legally correct/right.

Next step - was to get help in my home office. What a lot of people don't know was that this was a side hobby that I decided to grow. I still work a 8-4pm job everyday. My company is super awesome in letting me work my hours around my clients/shoots. However, it's still a 40 hour a week job and it's really hard to balance a 40 hour a week home business too. So, that is where Kristen came in.

I already feel a MOUNTAIN of relief in a matter of a week. She is truly a great assistant, whom is always willing to jump in and help anyway she came. She came into my chaotic world and yet embraced it! Life safer!! Amen ;)

So, this is the point I am at. I really can't say that last year at this time I thought I would be at the point of an assistant and over 100 clients to service in 52 weeks. Never... did I ever expect that... BUT it feels amazing. I am in the drivers seat and will continue on the path of the unknown.

For now- rest assure new business owner it gets easier with time. It's scary and hard... It's in someways a real hassle to get a company running and it's truly an exhausting place to be... but it's worth it. I promise.

<3 Brittani